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The RIDER Institute is dedicated to Revolutionary Innovation, Development, Education, and Research. The Institute was founded by Dr. Todd H. Rider, an MIT graduate and longtime staff member with decades of experience creating novel multidisciplinary science research and education programs.

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Crowdfunding in 2015 & 2016 

"This man raised $60K in a quest to end all viruses, but he's going to need a whole lot more" - Kevin Loria | TECH INSIDER | http://www.techinsider.io/can-todd-rider-cure-viruses-with-draco-research-2016-1See our 2015 IndieGoGo campaign HERESee our 2016 IndieGoGo campaign HERE.

About the RIDER Institute

(RI) REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION | DRACO is a potential broad spectrum antiviral that may be effective against all viruses (i.e; everything from the common cold to HSV to Zika). Learn about DRACO
(D) DEVELOPMENT | Dr.Rider has many years experience in which he has developed several inventions; including DRACO broad-spectrum antivirals. Check out the inventions
(E) EDUCATION | Dr.Rider has made many contributions to science education, including the Science on Saturday program, and you can contact us to schedule a presentation or program. See the educational experience
(R) RESEARCH | DRACO is a possible broad spectrum antiviral in need of further research.

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